OelcompressPLUS- The development of a product for the removal of oil spills and stains on water surfaces

Oelcompress was already developed by us in the beginning of the 80's.

In the time, in which the present "Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen" evolved to a serious party, the acceptance of the community for the protection of nature and environment and keeping it clean was rising in the same manner.

The trigger for the development of Oelcompress was to this time the increasing demands of the supervisory authorities of the city Bremen to a big steel producer in the smallest federal state of Germany regarding the release of petroleum-derived hydrocarbons into the river Weser, which was required to be prevented or at least drastically reduced.

The prime objective of the development was to compress the oil, which was floting on the water surface, quickly and sustainable to enable an easy and effective separation of the oil from the water surface, subsequently.

As it was already known that oil cannot be easily destroyed in a chemical or biological way by some "miracle product", the focus has been on the development of a product, which increase the effectiveness regarding the chemical/ physical treatment of oil on the water.

To fulfill these criteria was obtained with the development of Oelcompress in an impressive manner. A product, which enable a clearly more efficient separation of oil and water just using minimal concentration without resulting in a distribution of oil into the water column due to the formation of emulsion drops as it is known for other products used for the removal of oil spills on water surfaces.  The mode of action of Oelcompress is based on a partial reduction of the surface tension of the affected water surface. Thus, if used in a timely manner, Oelcompress enables a complete removal of the oil pollution from the water surface without the risk of distribution of oil into the water column.

Due to the great success of the application in Bremen, the client portfolio was rapidly expanding such as today major water authorities as well as companies specialised in hydraulic engineenring are enthusiastic about Oelcompress. Due to its high efficiency in line with simplest application and minimal application quantity, Oelcompress is used and can be in numerous different fields for the removal of oil pollutions on standing and floating waters.

In the course of increasing ecological awareness in society, our product has been continually optimized. In a consequence of extensive risk assessment, we increased the environmental compatibility further resulting in our daughter product OelcompressPLUS , which is even more environmentally friendly but still as efficient as its precursor.

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